[Cdash] Dart1 and CDash submit

Julien Jomier julien.jomier at kitware.com
Mon Mar 17 23:08:50 UTC 2008


CDash doesn't support TrackSVN yet. Could you send me an example of URL 
and I'll work on implementing it. If you can log a bug that would be 
even better :)


Emmett, Phillip wrote:
> Trevor,
> That code looks to be parsing the url expecting it to be in a format 
> defined by viewcvs. I don't think it will support TracSVN. I don't think 
> it will support our cvsweb either but one step at a time. If I could get 
> a list of updates, even if I could not click on a link to the cvsweb, I 
> would be happy. I'll post a note if updating libxml2 gives me a list. 
> Making a get_tracsvn_diff_url/get_cvsweb_diff_url might be the next step.
> -phil
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> Phil,
> FYI, this what I get in my Apache error log (CDash version r722):
>   PHP Notice:  Undefined offset:  1 in /srv/www/htdocs/CDash/common.php 
> on line 1519
>   PHP Notice:  Undefined offset:  1 in /srv/www/htdocs/CDash/common.php 
> on line 1573
> It looks like it is failing to recover the project URL?
> PS: Yes "CDATA dbAdd" is present.
>  -Trev
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>     Trevor,
>     If you look at the page source for "viewUpdate" do you see a bunch
>     of "addDb"s in a block of Javascript wrapped in a "CDATA" block? I
>     think the CDATA prevents the browser from parsing the javascript.
>     This is what I see and my research appears to point at my libxml2
>     being old and broken. I have 2.6.20. The server is getting upgraded
>     tomorrow, so my hunch will be tested soon. :-)
>     -phil
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>     *Subject:* [Cdash] Dart1 and CDash submit
>     Hi,
>     Great timing releasing CDash, as I was increasingly having lockup
>     problems with Dart2, and was considering switching to Dart classic.
>     Is it OK to add pages to the CDash Wiki? I think it could do with a
>     simple "get you started" install guide (I appreciate the full docs
>     are coming), adding some external links for how to setup MySQL and
>     Apache as required for CDash for those not familiar with them (I
>     include myself, as I have almost zero knowledge of MySQL).
>     Is it possible to perform dual submission under CMake/CTest to both
>     Dart2 and CDash? How? I'd like to run the two in parallel before
>     pensioning off Dart2.
>     When submitting a continuous build I can't get the "viewUpdate" page
>     to show the updated file list for SVN, I have the "CVS URL" set in
>     the project's admin settings to my TracSvn viewer (as Dart2). Any
>     ideas?
>     I've noticed some minor typos, and will submit "cosmetic" bug reports.
>      -Trev
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