[Cdash] Dart1 and CDash submit

Bill Hoffman bill.hoffman at kitware.com
Mon Mar 17 12:58:40 UTC 2008

Trevor Kellaway wrote:
> Hi,
> Great timing releasing CDash, as I was increasingly having lockup 
> problems with Dart2, and was considering switching to Dart classic.
> Is it OK to add pages to the CDash Wiki? I think it could do with a 
> simple "get you started" install guide (I appreciate the full docs are 
> coming), adding some external links for how to setup MySQL and Apache as 
> required for CDash for those not familiar with them (I include myself, 
> as I have almost zero knowledge of MySQL).
Yes, it is ok to add to the CDash wiki.

> Is it possible to perform dual submission under CMake/CTest to both 
> Dart2 and CDash? How? I'd like to run the two in parallel before 
> pensioning off Dart2.
Yes, it is possible.  The best thing to do is use the trigger script. 
So, use http submission as if it were a Dart1 submission.  Use a python 
script as the trigger script.  The trigger script can read in the xml 
file, and put it to CDash, and also xmlrpc it to Dart2.  I will see if I 
can dig up the script we were using at Kitware and put it on the wiki.
> When submitting a continuous build I can't get the "viewUpdate" page to 
> show the updated file list for SVN, I have the "CVS URL" set in the 
> project's admin settings to my TracSvn viewer (as Dart2). Any ideas?
I don't have ideas, but perhaps Dave C. or Julien will.

> I've noticed some minor typos, and will submit "cosmetic" bug reports.



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