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Maik Beckmann beckmann.maik at googlemail.com
Fri Mar 14 18:21:10 UTC 2008

Am Freitag 14 März 2008 14:34:40 schrieb Brad King:
> Maik Beckmann wrote:
> > Will there be an first class client for ant, like ctest is for cmake?
>                                           ^^^
> So you work at a Java & Fortran house?  Interesting combination :)
> -Brad

Hi Brad,

Well actually,  I'm a C++ Programmer working in a Java & Fortran house :)

The Java programs provide the GUIs, while the Fortran programs do the numerics 
(Tooth Contact Analysis, FEM, etc..).  

The Java code communicates via input and output files with the executables 
written in fortran.

Fortran is easy to learn and while being fast.  It is perfect for a 
programming noob, which is valid for most maschine engineering students, to 
implement some good performing code. 

This clean cut between GUI and calculation certainly slows things down, but it 
is well suited for an understaffed engineering research group where a student 
has to learn a Programming language and do what he should do within six 

King Regards,
 -- Maik Beckmann

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