[Cdash] Performance Issues

Julien Jomier julien.jomier at kitware.com
Thu Mar 6 19:44:00 UTC 2008


Thanks a lot for the report. This is really helpful.
I'm working on these issues. There is a part of tuning, but also a part 
of Dart1 rollup that is using a lot of CPU on public.kitware. This 
latter should go away when we stop using Dart1. As you know, we are 
running a lot of services off of public.

I'm keeping an eye on these issues.


Bill Lorensen wrote:
> As suggested earlier, I've started to add performance issues to the
> bug tracker. It might be helpful if each page showed the generation
> time at the bottom of the page (like on the main dashboard page).
> Right now I use the one elephant, two elephant technique.
> I find the overall feel of the ITK dashboard to be sluggish in
> general. A mid-day dashboard view of ITK usually takes over 5 seconds.
> The Cmake dashboard is very responsive, but CMake has a small number
> of tests compared to ITK.
> I am not a expert, but these performance issues probably have to do
> with database tuning, index selection, batching queries, etc. I
> remember back in the GE CRD Frost days, that Dan Blezek did a lot of
> tweaking early on. I think he also built some page mechanisms.
> I know CDash is still in beta, but I think performance improvement
> should be the top priority. Early impressions are important.
> Bill
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