[Cdash] Performance Issues

Bill Lorensen bill.lorensen at gmail.com
Thu Mar 6 19:21:20 UTC 2008

As suggested earlier, I've started to add performance issues to the
bug tracker. It might be helpful if each page showed the generation
time at the bottom of the page (like on the main dashboard page).
Right now I use the one elephant, two elephant technique.

I find the overall feel of the ITK dashboard to be sluggish in
general. A mid-day dashboard view of ITK usually takes over 5 seconds.
The Cmake dashboard is very responsive, but CMake has a small number
of tests compared to ITK.

I am not a expert, but these performance issues probably have to do
with database tuning, index selection, batching queries, etc. I
remember back in the GE CRD Frost days, that Dan Blezek did a lot of
tweaking early on. I think he also built some page mechanisms.

I know CDash is still in beta, but I think performance improvement
should be the top priority. Early impressions are important.


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