[Cdash] Feature request

David C Thompson dcthomp at sandia.gov
Mon Mar 3 20:45:14 UTC 2008

> > ...One thing that would be
> > really nice is a way to browse through all of the compiler warnings
> > or errors associated with a particular source file instead of looking
> > at the messages sorted by build. ...
> Do you think having one summary page which lists all the errors and
> warnings for a given day (with maybe some annotation,such as "fixed at
> XX:XX:XX by User X") would do what you want?
As long as there was a way to sort the list by source file and line
number, sure.

> > Another killer feature along those lines would be a way for a developer
> > to mark warnings/errors as "fixed" (or at least that a fix has been
> > attempted). While it would be nice for everyone to be able to see
> > that you are working on an issue, even just a browser cookie that
> > identified what warnings should be colored as "done" on my local
> > machine would be nice.
> It should be fairly easy to attach a user's note to a build. We could
> have some predefined messages like "User X is currently looking at this
> issue".

> Could you submit a feature request in the bug tracker? (www.cmake.org/Bug)
Done. Issues 6496 (sorting by source file) and 6497 (adding notes to
individual errors).


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