[Cdash] Transition from Dart2 to CDash

Anton Deguet anton.deguet at jhu.edu
Wed Mar 5 16:41:28 UTC 2008


I have an installation of Dart2.  This is not the latest version but  
it suits our needs so far.   I am tempted to switch to CDash on my  
spare time but I would like to make sure that it won't be too painful  
so I have a few questions:
- Will this change anything on the testing sites, i.e. can I just  
replace the server side?  I assume this is the case but can you confirm.
- Is it possible to configure the top menus in an easy way, i.e.  
modifying a configuration file which should remain the same in future  
- Is it possible to use any cvs/web interface (in my case CVSTrac)?   
In Dart2 this required to modify a couple of configuration files  
which was fine with me.


Anton Deguet, Research Engineer, ERC-CISST/LCSR, Johns Hopkins  
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