[Cdash] No email on failed continuous builds

Bill Hoffman bill.hoffman at kitware.com
Mon Jun 23 13:48:34 UTC 2008

Trevor Kellaway wrote:
> Julien,
>> I just realized what you are saying (coffee is kicking in :)).
>> We should apply the same tagging strategy for the patches. Meaning we 
>> tag and release 1.0.0 and update the branch version to 1.0.1 
>> and release 1.0.2 when we have enough fixes.
> OK, out of interest when working on a theoretical 1.0.3 where are you
> going to do this, in the head of Release-1-0 ? This is OK, but I think
> there should have been a Release-1-0-0 which is treated as read-only,
> otherwise it isn't possible to discover what was in the original
> Release-1-0-0. 

This should be done like what we do with CMake.

Working version is odd numbered:


Release version is even:


When I create a new release I do the following:

1. create a branch CMake-2-6
2. debug the branch.  When it is ready, create a read only tag CMake-2-6-1.

CMake-2-6-1 can never change at this point.

3. put bug fixes on the CMake-2-6 branch until ready for CMake-2-6-2
4. When ready create a new tag CMake-2-6-2.


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