[Cdash] Timestamps

Tobias Kaupp t.kaupp at cas.edu.au
Tue Apr 22 07:44:32 UTC 2008

Hi all,

we've setup a dashboard here in Australia. Everything worked nicely out of the 
box. However, we're totally confused about how the timestamps work. Here's an  
example of an experimental build:

$ tkaupp at hemp:~/svn/gearbox/build$ date
Thu Apr 17 16:14:10 EST 2008

#This is my local time in Sydney. EST is actually AEST (Eastern Standard Time 
#for Australian time zones), not the North American EST.

tkaupp at hemp:~/svn/gearbox/build$ ctest -D Experimental
  Site: hemp
   Build name: Linux-g++
Create new tag: 20080417-0614 - Experimental

#This seems to be UTC, right?
Submit files (using http)
   Using HTTP submit method
   Drop site: http://cdash.acfr.usyd.edu.au/submit.php?project=Gearbox
   Uploaded: /home/tkaupp/svn/gearbox/build/Testing/20080417-0614/Build.xml
Uploaded: /home/tkaupp/svn/gearbox/build/Testing/20080417-0614/Configure.xml
   Uploaded: /home/tkaupp/svn/gearbox/build/Testing/20080417-0614/Test.xml
   Using HTTP trigger method
   Trigger site: 
   Dart server triggered...
   Submission successful

Here's my Build.xml. It says EST here:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<Site BuildName="Linux-g++" BuildStamp="20080417-0614-Experimental" 
Name="hemp" Generator="ctest2.4-patch 8">
        <StartDateTime>Apr 17 16:14 EST</StartDateTime>
<BuildCommand>/usr/bin/make -i</BuildCommand>
        <Log Encoding="base64" Compression="/bin/gzip">
        <EndDateTime>Apr 17 16:14 EST</EndDateTime>


Then, on the actual website, the submission shows up with timestamp: 
2008-04-18 07:14:00 EST (see 
Furthermore, the webpage only displays the result much later (but it receives 
it straight away as indicated by the Submissions column on the index.php 

I looked through the php code and noticed a comment about Australian timestamp 
not being recognised. It also seems that AEDT is expected from the XML file 
which is not generated properly by ctest:

/** Return timestamp from string
 *  \WARNING this function needs improvement */
function str_to_time($str,$stamp)
  $str = str_replace("Eastern Standard Time","EST",$str);
  $str = str_replace("Eastern Daylight Time","EDT",$str);
  // For some reasons the Australian time is not recognized by php
  // Actually an open bug in PHP 5.
  $offset = 0; // no offset by default
  if(strpos($str,"AEDT") !== FALSE)
    $str = str_replace("AEDT","UTC",$str);
    $offset = 3600*11;

I also tried nightly builds with "set(CTEST_NIGHTLY_START_TIME "04:00:00 
AEDT")" but the Build.xml shows EST again (as above). I can send you a full 
record of this if you like.

What we'd like to see is that submissions show up on the webpage straight away 
with a build timestamp in local time (AEST or AEDT I guess).

I stopped tracking the problems down at this point. I haven't checked entries 
in the actual MySQL database. We're running CDash version 0.8.

Your help with this would be appreciated. Thanks!

Cheers, Tobias

Tobias Kaupp

ARC Centre of Excellence for Autonomous Systems          
(Australian Centre for Field Robotics)            
The Rose St Building, J04                          
The University of Sydney, NSW 2006                      

Phone:  +61 2 9351 7154
Fax:    +61 2 9351 7474
Email:  t.kaupp at cas.edu.au
Web:    http://www.cas.edu.au/content.php/232.html?personid=45

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