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Kitware maintains two public repositories that hold data VTK can read:

  • VTKData is a repository intended for small datasets used in regression tests
  • VTKLargeData is a repository intended for medium to large datasets used in examples


You may obtain this data through git:

 git clone git://vtk.org/VTKData.git VTKData

This repository is frequently fetched by dashboard machines and the repository contents change often as new baseline images for tests are added. So, in general, datasets in VTKData should not exceed 2MiB to avoid excessive network traffic.


You may obtain this data through CVS:

 cvs -d :pserver:dcthomp@www.vtk.org:/cvsroot/VTK login
 cvs -d :pserver:dcthomp@www.vtk.org:/cvsroot/VTK -z3 co VTKLargeData

This repository is intended as a place to keep sample data. It can hold large data (in the sense of datasets available over the internet -- not large in the sense of high performance computing). It should not change frequently and is not intended to hold data for use in nightly tests.