VTK 5.2 Release Planning

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Planned Schedule

What's New in VTK 5.2?

New features in VTK since the 5.0 release include:

  • Infovis kit
  • Views kit
  • New Widgets architecture and more than a dozen new widgets
  • New infrastructure for selection of arbitrary subsets
  • Substantially improved support for composite data objects
  • New Utilities: freerange, verdict, libxml2, metaio, sqlite
  • Updated Utilities: freetype, zlib, libtiff
  • More than 300 new C++ classes.
  • More than 100 new C++ tests running on most dashboards
  • Improvements to PLY file support
  • Many bug fixes, including much improved Java wrapping support
  • Mac OS X-specific fixes
    • Defaults to building using Cocoa instead of Carbon
    • Can now be compiled against the 10.5 SDK
    • Can now be built as a Universal Binary
    • Initial support for Resolution Independence in 10.5

API Changes

See this section in the Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

OpenGL requirements

See this section in the Frequently asked questions (FAQ)