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[[VTK/VTK_6_Migration/Removal_of_SetExtentTranslator | Removal of SetExtentTranslator and GetExtentTranslator from vtkDataObject]]
[[VTK/VTK_6_Migration/Removal_of_SetExtentTranslator | Removal of SetExtentTranslator and GetExtentTranslator from vtkDataObject]]
[[VTK/VTK_6_Migration/Removal_of_CopyInformation | Removal of CopyInformation and CopyTypeSpecificInformation from vtkDataObject and vtkImageData]]
[[VTK/VTK_6_Migration/Removal_of_CopyInformationToPipeline | Removal of CopyInformationToPipeline and CopyInformationFromPipeline from vtkDataObject and sub-classes]]
[[VTK/VTK_6_Migration/Removal_of_GetEstimatedMemorySize | Removal of GetEstimatedMemorySize() method from vtkDataObject and vtkImageData ]]
[[VTK/VTK_6_Migration/Removal of SetWholeExtent | Removal of SetWholeExtent() from vtkDataObject]]
[[VTK/VTK_6_Migration/Removal of ShouldIReleaseData | Removal of ShouldIReleaseData() and ReleaseDataFlag methods from vtkDataObject]]
[[VTK/VTK_6_Migration/Removal of Methods for Manipulating Update Extent | Removal of vtkDataObject Methods for Manipulating Update Extent]]
[[VTK/VTK_6_Migration/Change to Crop | Change to Crop() in vtkDataObject]]
[[VTK/VTK_6_Migration/Changes to Scalars Manipulation Functions | Changes to Scalars Manipulation Functions in vtkImageData]]
[[VTK/VTK_6_Migration/Change to CopyOriginAndSpacingFromPipeline | Change to CopyOriginAndSpacingFromPipeline in vtkImageData]]
[[VTK/VTK_6_Migration/Changes to SetAxisUpdateExtent | Changes to SetAxisUpdateExtent and GetAxisUpdateExtent in vtkImageData]]
[[VTK/VTK_6_Migration/Change to AllocateOutputData | Change to AllocateOutputData() in vtkImageAlgorithm]]
[[VTK/VTK_6_Migration/Changes to vtkProcrustesAlignmentFilter | Changes to vtkProcrustesAlignmentFilter]]
[[VTK/VTK_6_Migration/Removal of vtkPlot3DReader | Removal of vtkPlot3DReader]]
[[VTK/VTK_6_Migration/vtkType deprecations | vtkType deprecations]]
[[VTK/VTK_6_Migration/OS_Compiler_Support  | Dropped support for old OSes and compilers]]
[[VTK/VTK_6_Migration/Factories now require defines  | I've done all this, it compiles and links, but now "New()" returns NULL at runtime]]

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