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We recently added the release-5.10 branch to Gerrit, this was started from the v5.10.1 tag and is only intended for merging bug fixes, and conservative patches to allow VTK 5.10.y to continue working on new platforms. VTK 6 was a major change in which the build system and library layout was changes significantly, and is the primary reason for treating the 5.10 release differently for those who are not yet ready to port to VTK 6+.

Submitting Patches

Any topic intended for the release-5.10 branch should be branches from the tip of this branch. This can be achieved with the following in a VTK source tree:

git fetch gerrit
git checkout release-5.10
git checkout -b my-backported-bugfix

You can then work in that topic as you would normally, cherry picking commits or making changes and committing them. Please bear in mind that we will only consider conservative fixes/changes intended to fix bugs or compiler errors. These should already be present in master, and no new features will be considered for inclusion.

Reviewing and Submitting Changes

The normal set of core reviewers can be asked to review, but a much smaller set of people has submit privileges. At present this is limited to Dave DeMarle and Marcus D. Hanwell but the list may be expanded in the future. The topics are not tested by CDash@Home but nightly dashboards will be added. In order to push a topic for review the following (while in the topic) will work:

git push gerrit HEAD:refs/for/release-5.10/my-backported-bugfix

Where my-backported-bugfix is the name of the topic as it will appear in Gerrit. Please let us know on the VTK developers list if you experience any problems in submitting changes.