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This page details the minimum commands required to download and build VES and the example applications. For more detailed information see the Developer's Guide.

Checkout the source from Git

Use Git to checkout the VES source code with the command:

$ git clone git://

See the Download Instructions for details.

Build with CMake

CMake is used to configure Makefiles for the build. Before building, ensure that Android and/or iOS SDKs are installed. See the Developer's Guide for more information.

Android instructions

The following commands will compile vtk and ves libraries for the Android. Android NDK r8b is currently supported, see Developer's Guide.

$ export ANDROID_NDK=/path/to/installed/android-ndk
$ cd Apps/Android/CMakeBuild
$ cmake -P configure.cmake
$ cd build
$ make -j4

Next, build and run the KiwiViewer application. Ant version 1.8 or higher is required.

$ cd Apps/Android/Kiwi
$ # if android, adb, ant, or cmake are not in your PATH, edit to enter the correct paths
$ ./
$ ./
$ ./

Use adb to confirm that your device is listed:

$ adb devices

Run KiwiViewer on the device:

$ ./

iOS instructions

To build for iOS, read Apps/iOS/README.txt