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to Michael just above & as you so well underscored, there just MIGHT be a paelrlal 'tween the Green Man (actually a very potent archetypal merging of the vegetative kindgom with the human psyche) and our still-as-yet unapprehended Bigfoot neighbours. A medieval stained glass attesting to this can be viewed in the Bronx's Fort Tryon's collection of stained glass windows, in which one depicts a Wild Man of the Wood, covered in hair, leisurely leaning on a wooden club.But, wait a minute. The Neanderthal? Little in the way of intellect? I wholeheartedly disagree, don't you, Loren? Seventiesish British researcher has long thrown out our uninformed view of that mysterious antecedent of modern man. Their graves (!) were always well-appointed, the interred returned to a fetal position, buried with flowers, and one male even with lain to rest with in Slovenia, home of the industrial art band, , definitely worth seeing.Oh, oh! In keeping with the green theme of this thread, our mysterious has his own web site up. Its name? Greenwych. Another tasty synchronicity in this thread.One more thing. Author Kingsley Amis's creepy occult thriller eventually enjoyed being turned into a , now found on DVD.A Green Man in my own right, a gardener,Anade6 Effro ( :-)}