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Building OsiriX


  1. Mac OS X 10.7 or better
  2. Xcode 4.2 or better


  1. Main application

svn co osirix

Build steps

  1. Open the Osirix.xcodeproj (in osirix/) and select & run the 'Unzip Binaries' target
  2. Select & run the 'Development' target to build OsiriX

Build FAQs

  1. Building plugin: Error message "The run destination My Mac 64-bit is no valid for Running the Scheme"
    1. Set Base SDK to MacOS X 10.6.

  1. Building output directory: Some weird path in Xcode 4. How to change it ?

How to launch OsiriX

There are multiple ways one can launch OsiriX

  1. Open a terminal. Go to Applications folder. Type open
  2. If the applications is on the Dock, you can double click the icon.

Useful Links

  1. OsiriX Development Guide

Developing Plugins


svn co osirixplugins

Build steps

  1. Copy plugin generator Apple Script zip file ( Osirix Plugin ) from the "_help" directory.
  2. Unzip the zip file
  3. Run the script. Follow the wizard's instructions. The basic project will be created automatically.
  4. Add functionalities to the plugin code: Two segments i.e Plugin initialization ( when OsiriX is launched) and Main process ( when plugin is invoked from the menu )
  5. Compile the code

Plugin installation

Copy the plugin (example "MyNewPlugin.osirixplugin" ) to "Library/Application\ Support/OsiriX/Plugins/"

Useful Links