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  Description: Deblends images.


  ./DeblendTomosynthesisSlicesUsingPrior  [--returnparameterfile
                                       <std::string>] [--xml] [--echo] [-S
                                       <int>] [-i <int>] [-m
                                       <std::string>] [-s <float>] [-o
                                       <float>] [-g <float>] [-b <float>]
                                       [-a <float>] [--] [--version] [-h]
                                       <std::string> <std::string>
                                       <std::string> <std::string>


  --returnparameterfile <std::string>
    Filename in which to write simple return parameters (int, float,
    int-vector, etc.) as opposed to bulk return parameters (image,
    geometry, transform, measurement, table).
  --processinformationaddress <std::string>
    Address of a structure to store process information (progress, abort,
    etc.). (default: 0)
    Produce xml description of command line arguments (default: 0)
    Echo the command line arguments (default: 0)
  -S <int>,  --seed <int>
    Random number seed (0 = none). (default: 0)
  -i <int>,  --iterations <int>
    Number of iterations of optimization. (default: 100)
  -m <std::string>,  --metricMask <std::string>
    Points with non-zero values in this mask are used in match
  -s <float>,  --sigma <float>
    Amount to blur top and bottom layers. (default: 5)
  -o <float>,  --offset <float>
    Offset such that v = a * bot + b * top + offset. (default: 0)
  -g <float>,  --gamma <float>
    Weighting for top volume. (default: -0.05)
  -b <float>,  --beta <float>
    Weighting for middle volume. (default: 1)
  -a <float>,  --alpha <float>
    Weighting for bottom volume. (default: -0.05)
  --,  --ignore_rest
    Ignores the rest of the labeled arguments following this flag.
    Displays version information and exits.
  -h,  --help
    Displays usage information and exits.
    (required)  Input volume on one side of the middle.
    (required)  Input volume in the middle.
    (required)  Input volume on one side of the middle.
    (required)  Input mask.
    (required)  Output middle layer corrected for blending.
  Author(s): Stephen R. Aylward (Kitware)
  Acknowledgements: This work is part of the TubeTK project at Kitware. It
  was funded in part by USC:EXPOSE.