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Survey Questions


  • Opening Statement
    • What is ITK: The Insight Toolkit (ITK) is an open-source, cross-platform system that provides developers with an extensive suite of software tools for image analysis. Developed through extreme programming methodologies over the past 10+ years, ITK employs leading-edge algorithms for registering and segmenting multi-dimensional data. See for more details.
    • Why SimpleITK: The Insight community wants to make the toolkit easier to learn and use. With this in mind a working group has been formed to create "SimpleITK": a layer of abstraction around core ITK functionality accessible from your favorite programming/scripting language(s).
    • Why we need you to answer these questions: Please answer the following survey to help make SimpleITK what you -- and other professionals -- really need.
  • Introductory questions
    • In what domain do you work? (eg. radiology, surgery, astronomy, manufacturing)
    • Have you previously used ITK? yes/no. If yes, for how many years?
      • Have you used the pipeline feature of ITK (how useful? Easy to use? How understandable?)
      • Have you used the streaming feature of ITK (how useful? Easy to use? How understandable?)
    • What is your preferred programming language(s)
      • python
      • java
      • C#
      • R
      • Lua
      • Ruby
      • Perl
      • Other
    • What programming tools do you use
      • Matlab
      • OpenCV
      • VTK
      • ImageJ
      • Image Magick
      • Boost Generic Image Library (GIL)
    • What type of programmer are you (EDIT)
      • Script
      • Small App
      • Large App
  • Body Questions
    • Do you need to process images that are larger than RAM
    • How many dimensions do you need for your images (eg. 1, 2, 3, 3+t, etc)
    • How important are color images to you
    • How important are these pixel types to you
      • ... options ...
      • Make sure to include RGB
    • What other tools / APIs would you want adapters for [simple example]
      • R
      • OpenCV
      • NumPy
      • Java
      • Matlab
      • VTK
    • How important is:
      • One line registration calls
      • Customize registration options (metric, optimizer, interpolation...)
    • What functions of ITK are you most interested in?
      • Registration (deformable, image-to-image, model-to-image)
      • Segmentation (level sets, etc...)
      • Convert images
      • Simple image manipulation (filtering)
    • What programming style do you prefer
      • procedural [simple Gaussian filter example]
      • object oriented
      • both
    • How important is it to have a pipeline system?
    • Simplicity -vs- Performance relative importance
    • Target devices
      • Netbook
      • Laptop
      • Desktop
      • Workstation
    • Preferred operating system
      • Linux
      • Windows
      • Mac
    • How long it takes to build SimpleITK (how important)
    • Comfort with compiling
    • Binary distribution (careful phrasing... ready-to-use download vs source code compilation)
  • Closing Questions
    • What image processing functionality do you find most important in a toolkit (future wishlist)?

Target Audience

Ask someone from each community to forward the survey. Host on Insight Software Consortium

  • ITK Users list
  • VTK Users List
  • SIM [Jesus]
  • OpenCV
  • vxl
  • Osyrix
  • Slicer
  • Microscopy [Sean Megason]
  • SPIE
  • MICCAI workshop
  • Orfeo (remote sensing)
  • UNC MIDAG group
  • IEEE medical image list (biomedical image society, image processing society) [Stephen]
  • LinkedIn groups


  • ITK Users List
  • Xenios Papademetris - Yale University
  • v3d-workgroup
  • Orfeo toolbox
  • C++ Users on LinkedIn
  • R imaging group
  • Slicer
  • VTK devs/users
  • UNC Medical Imaging
  • UNC Computer Vision
  • Image World

Actual Survey

Where to take it

Take the survey at

Current Survey Results

Survey results

Analysis of Results

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