Proposals:Web Storage of data related to mailing list posts

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Web Storage of data related to mailing list posts

This page is intended to initiate discussion about adding functionality to the ITK website (possibly based on the MIDAS server) to allow users to store files related to mailing list posts.


  • When a user reads an old list post, the files will still be available. It should not be the responsibility of each user to ensure all files associated with their posts remain accessible. Even if they don't intentionally remove the files from their webserver, student accounts disappear upon graduation, web hosting services die, etc. so they links may become invalid.

Decisions to be made

  • Image file size maximum - we probably don't want GB images
  • Expiration time (we probably don't need to store them forever, but possibly several years?)
  • Access (some users may not want to publicly distribute all images - but it should usually be possible to create a "demo" dataset that illustrates the point without distributing confidential data to even members of the list (which might as well be considered public?), so maybe not dealing with access could save some headaches? )