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As LiDAR sensors become cheaper and more readily available, it seems important for ITK to support data acquired by these sensors.

File formats

  • PTX (Leica scanners)
  • Other scanner file formats (Velodyne, etc.)

Data structures

  • itkGridMesh - a class that combines the neighborhood functionality of itkImage (getUpperNeighbor, getLowerNeighbor, getRightNeighbor, getLeftNeighbor) with the 3D mesh type operations (FindPointsInRadius(center, radius), etc)
    • Ray/Triangle (Ray/Mesh) intersections
    • Normal estimation


  • LiDAR segmentation
    • Region growing (possibly on the proposed itkGridMesh structure? Or on a standard itk Vector Image?)
  • LiDAR/3D Model registration
    • Spin Images
    • ICP (already some ICP methods in ITK)