Proposals:Decoupling ImageMetric from BSplineDeformableTransform

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The Problem

  • The ImageToImageMetric knows too much
    • It is aware of the
      • BSplineDeformableTransform
      • BSplineIntepolateImageFunction
    • It performs dynamic_casting to discover the type of the Transform and Interpolator
    • It caches several arrays for the BSplineDeformableTransform
      • The caching has the following problems
        • It is not optional (can't be turned off)
        • It is memory consuming (about 3 Gigabytes)
        • It break class encapsulation

The Proposed Solution

  • Add a TransformCacher class
    • A default cacher will not do anything
    • A cacher for the BSplineDeformableTransform will take over the code that is currently in the ImageToImageMetric
    • More sophisticated cachers could be added
  • The Transform class will use the default cacher
  • The Metric will
    • request the Transform for its cacher (at run time)
    • use the cacher for passing a list of points to be mapped, and then map one by one using an index