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Decide on the best architecture for how to implement ITK Calculators. Should they inherit from Object and be separate from the pipeline, or should they inherit from ProcessObject and be part of the pipeline?

Current situation

There are currently two different types of Calculators implemented in ITK, one that inherits from Object and is not part of the pipeline, and one that inherits from ProcessObject and is part of the pipeline.

  • Originally, all calculators derived from Object and were not part of the pipeline.

This makes it difficult for developers to know which framework to use for implementing new calculators.

Calculators: Based on Object() Must have a Compute() Context specific Set/Get methods Give examples:

New code: Provides Compute() that calls Update() Based on ProcessObject Also has Update, SetInput, GetOutput Do they have SetImage/GetThreshold methods also?

How to write a new calculator? Drawbacks: Can't hot-swap calculators, pipeline overhead Calculators were designed to be fast and separate from pipeline structure Example: Otsu. The only option is to call one from the other. Cannot take advantage of inheritance. Method need to be explicitly called on the one being instantiated. Rename these new 10? Change name to have HistogramFilter in the name? Take guts out and put them in real calculators that are called from the calculators? Having layer above calculators to make the inputs and outputs more consistent

Existing limitations

Proposed changes

Current Status

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