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The approach to integrating the NiFTI file format is similar to that of the NRRDIO and MetaImage File formats. The University of Iowa will take the lead role in this effort.

The goal is to foster interoperability at the file-exchange level between FMRI data analysis software packages.

The following image processing packages committed to support this format for both input and output.


To provide the Insight Toolkit ( with the ability to read and write nifti file formats the following tasks need to be done:

Contributions I intend to make to nifti (upon approval of course):
 1)  Place the nifticlib as a part of the standard Insight/Utilities nightly build
     1a)  Augment the reference nifticlib with CMake building infrastructure
     1b)  Remove all compiler errors and warnings that arrise from building
            under the ITK platforms every night.
     1c)  Create test suite that reaches 80% code coverage of the nifticlib
            code within the ctest framework
     1d)  Write an ITKIO proper IO filter that utilizes the nifticlib
  2)  Syncronize Insight/Sourceforge
     2a)  The fortified code will kept in sync with the sourceforge nifticlib
     2b)  Much of the testing suite will be

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