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The ParaView Tutorial is an introductory and comprehensive tutorial. It teaches using ParaView through examples that start at basic usage and continue through more advanced topics such as temporal analysis, animation, parallel processing, and scripting.

This tutorial is sometimes referred to as the supercomputing tutorial because it originated as the handout documents for a series of tutorials at supercomputing. However, because the tutorial was designed for the beginning user, the material was general enough to be useful to a broad audience and became a popular document for learning ParaView. As time passes we are starting to add more advanced topics from tutorials in more specific domains. This tutorial has become something of a repository for teaching materials, hence simply the tutorial.

To get started, you will need the document itself.

You will also need the data referenced in the document. (The two archives below contain the same data. Just download the one with your preferred archive format.)

Of course, you will also need ParaView itself. You can get the most recent version of ParaView from


Some individuals have been good enough to translate the tutorial in other languages. When they become available, we will post them here. Please keep in mind that these are done after the English version is created an on a volunteer basis. If you are not finding a recent translation in your native language, then thanks in advance for volunteering to create a new translation.

Previous Versions

LaTeX Source

In the past, individuals have requested the source materials for the tutorial. The link below contains an archive of the LaTeX source and images used to build the tutorial.