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* [[Starting the server]]
* [[Starting the server]]
* [[Server resources]]
* [[Server resources]]
* [[Multiple views]]

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The next major version of ParaView (III) will include important improvements including:

  • New Qt interface
  • Much better support for Python scripting
  • Emphasis on quantitative analysis

ParaView III is currently being developed by a team including Kitware, Sandia National Labs and Elemental Technologies. Until ParaView III is ready to be release, we will release a snapshot every months. These snapshot can be obtained from the ParaView web server.

If you decide to build ParaView from source, you will have to download and compile the GPL'ed version of Qt. The files are here. If you are a Windows developer and you want to develop using Visual Studio, you need obtain the GPL'ed version of Qt. This is not provided by Trolltech. Instructions for downloading it are here.

Also, if you are building from source on Linux/Unix/Mac OS X, you might want to include the FFMPEG encoder. For this, you need to build the encoder from source. Download it here here. Build instructions are included with the package.

If you have questions about licensing, go here.

ParaView III Features