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This wiki page describes steps to build and install ParaView with Catalyst on the Grid'5000 french testbed [].

=Build Configuration=
The build configuration is the same one as in [] and []
In an effort to ensure reproduciblility, Kameleon's Grid5000's community tool [] is used.
Level of reproducibility:
- all the software are built and installed on a debian-7 wheezy image
  - Grid'5000 offers reproducible  base images (configuration script available here [http://tobe.set])
  - Grid'5000 allows the deployment of complete system images
- kameleon recipe available here []
- Software installed used apt-get is reproducible as far as the the apt-get source list is not changed
- the new built image (with paraview installed) can be deployed to run experiments with
=Build And Install=
To build the image follow the steps described in kameleon's official documentation [] and [].
For build configuration specific to this recipe check []

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