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Under Development. Editors, try to keep this list sorted by the extension

File Extension Format Description Reader Notes on Data Parallelism Time Support
*.ex2,.exo Exodus Files ExodusII reader

This file format supports parallel distribution of data by splitting data across many files. It also supports mesh adaptation by splitting files at simulation times where adaptation occurs. Hence ParaView does the following:

The root node scans the directory for files in the set and reads metadata (blocks and variables defined on them) from a single file in the set. It then broadcasts this information to all processes. Each reads a different subset of files.

Time steps may be contained in a file as long as the mesh topology does not change. Time may also be split across a file series.

*.vtk Legacy VTK Files Legacy VTK reader

This file format has no support for saving parallel distribution of data. Hence ParaView does the following:

Structured Data

For structured data, this reader reads the entire file on all processes and then crops the structured extents on each process so that for each process, the filters downstream process a block of the structured data alone.

Unstructured Data

The root node reads the entire file and then the data is distributed to all processes (using MPI) after an internal, fairly naive, partitioning algorithm (vtkTransmitUnstructuredGridPiece or vtkTransmitPolyDataPiece).

Time supported only as a file series.