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What is the PCL Plugin ?

The PCL plugin for ParaView allows users to access filters from the Point Cloud Processing Library (PCL) within ParaView. The plugin wraps PCL algorithms as VTK filters. The plugin also provides Python bindings for the filters using VTK's python wrapping, thus enabling fast prototyping and integration with NumPy and SciPy. With point cloud data loaded in ParaView, users can interactively apply PCL algorithms, color the point clouds by different attributes, and quickly compose complex processing pipelines to explore the point cloud data.

PCL Plugin Video Screenshot.png

Currently supported PCL algorithms

At the current stage of development, the plugin provides several of PCL's core algorithms for point cloud processing, including:

  • Euclidean cluster extraction
  • Robust plane/cylinder fitting (using RANSAC)
  • Surface normal estimation
  • VoxelGrid filter for downsampling
  • Radius-based outlier removal


  • We will present the PCL plugin and give a demo at this year's CVPR in Providence, RI (Sunday, June 16, 4.55pm - 6.30pm). Browse the PCP workshop website for more information.


If you are using the plugin for your project, please cite the following paper:

  • P. Marion, R. Kwitt, B. Davis and M. Gschwandtner, PCL and ParaView - Connecting the Dots, Proceedings of the IEEE International Workshop on Point Cloud Processing (PCP '12), 2012 (held in conjunction with CVPR '12)

Here's the corresponding Bibtex entry:

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Getting started


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