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* Kent Williams
* Kent Williams
* Luis Ibanez
* Luis Ibanez
* Yumin
* Yumin Yuan
* Sebastien Barre

== Technical Topics ==
== Technical Topics ==

Latest revision as of 12:01, 19 September 2008


  • Hans Johnson
  • Kent Williams
  • Luis Ibanez
  • Yumin Yuan
  • Sebastien Barre

Technical Topics

ImageIO support for GUI's

  • Suggestion by Kent
    • Have Query methods for discovering the capabilities of the ImageIO
    • Have an option for: given a filename, return information about what the ImageIO class could do with that filename
      1. Set of boolean entries in a structure
      2. Set of CanDoThis() methods that return booleans

Image Orientation

  • Making ITK use Oriented images by default (Hans)
  • Dealing with filters that internally instantiate images, and now hard code
  • Option A
    • Having a common base class between Image & OrientedImage
    • to make possible to use generically the base class and switch between Image & OrientedImage
  • Option B
    • Under the CMake flag then change the internal behavior of the IndexToPhysicalPoint and PhysicalPointToIndex methods to behave like the the OrientedImage


Action Items

  • Add a CMake flag that makes the ITK image behave like the itkOrientedImage.
  • Setup some machines to submit experimental builds to the Dashboard with this flag on.