Minutes 080310

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  • Terry Yoo
  • Brad Lowekamp
  • Daniel Blezek
  • Bill Lorensen
  • Jim Miller
  • Brian Avants
  • John Galeotti
  • Alex Gouaillard
  • Sean Megason
  • Arnaud Gelas
  • Kishore Mosaliganti
  • Gaetan Lehmann
  • Brad King
  • Dave Cole
  • Gabe Hart
  • Luis Ibanez
  • Bill Ryan

Technical Topics

  • Brad K. described initial Git workflow to be adopted for ITK
    • Quick mention of Gerrit (code review tool)
    • Explanation of the "rebase" workflow that we are initially using.
    • Current ITK Git Workflow is identical to VTK
  • Suggested release Alpha-01 for August 7th.
  • Discussed whether to include KWStyle as a commit hook or not.

Action Items

  • Luis to put together a Wiki page to coordinate the intermediate Alpha releases
    • Developers can volunteer to sign up to help with each one of those topics
    • DONE !: Please sign up in this page Phases Coordination
  • Luis to patch fixes for Sun CC compiler that were posted to the Slicer mailing list
    • Coordinate with Brad King to move those fixes to ITK 3.20 (in Git).
  • Luis : Next week agenda : invert the major topics