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  • Squish Home
  • Squish for Tk, only for Unix
  • about €2500
  • Win32/Qt/Java/Web/Tk, scripting in Tcl/Python/JavaScript/Perl, recorder, window inspector, breakpoints/verification


  • Qt3. Squish for Tk will not work with Qt4. Make sure you install all Qt3 development packages. On a Ubuntu OS, this (most likely) involve: libqt3-headers, libqt3-mt, libqt3-mt-dev, qt3-apps-dev, qt3-assistant, qt3-designer, qt3-dev-tools, qt3-linguist, qt3-qtconfig, etc.
  • Tcl/Tk 8.4 or 8.5


-rwxr--r-- 1 barre barre 6587889 2008-09-04 13:08 squish-3.4.1-eval-tk-src.tar.gz*
-rwxr--r-- 1 barre barre      19 2008-09-04 13:08 squish-3-license*


barre@tetsuo:~/build$ tar -xzf /home/barre/tmp/squish/squish-3.4.1-eval-tk-src.tar.gz 
  • Configure Squish
barre@tetsuo:~/build$ cd squish-3.4.1-eval-tk-src
barre@tetsuo:~/build/squish-3.4.1-eval-tk-src$ ./configure "--with-qtdir=/usr/share/qt3" "--with-tclconfig=/opt/tcltk8.5.2/lib/" "--with-tkconfig=/opt/tcltk8.5.2/lib/" 

Note that the configure script may not find your Qt3 distribution correctly: use --with-qtdir to point to the appropriate directory. Use --with-tclconfig and --with-tkconfig to point to your own Tcl/Tk distribution, if any (here /opt/tcltk8.5.2)

  • Enter your license key (found in squish-3-license)
Configuring Squish. For license information please read the LICENSE file.
By configuring and building Squish you are accepting the terms of this license.
Enter license key: ***-*****-*****-***
Checking for C++ compiler ......... g++
Checking for g++'s version ......... 4
Done with configuring. Full log in config.log. Now type './build'.
* Build
barre@tetsuo:~/build/squish-3.4.1-eval-tk-src$ ./build


In this section, we will exercise KWWidgets' KWCallbacksExample example.

  • If you are new to Squish you may want to read: Squish Concepts, . The Squish for Tk documentation is located offline in your build directory at squish-3.4.1-eval-tk-src/doc/book/index.html, or online at
  • Build KWWidgets examples (make sure KWWidgets_BUILD_EXAMPLES is set to ON), make sure the ./bin/KWCallbacksExample example has been built and is working properly.
  • Start the Squish IDE
barre@tetsuo:~/build/squish-3.4.1-eval-tk-src$ ./bin/squish
  • Create a new Test Suite
    • Select "Create New Test Suite" at the Welcome page.
    • Enter a Suite Name (say kwcallbacksexample). Select where the test suite and its files shall be saved (say ~/tmp/kww_test/). Hit "Next".
    • Select Tcl as the scripting language (if it isn't available, Squish was not able to find or use your Tcl/Tk distribution at build time). Hit "Next".
    • Select the Application Under Test (AUT): pick the the ./bin/KWCallbacksExample application found in your KWWidgets build tree. Hit "Finish".
New Test Suite


  • Can't find Qt
Checking Qt version ......... 
Can't find Qt includes in /usr/include and /usr/src

=> Make sure you installed Qt3

  • New Test Suite: Scripting Language, No Tcl

If the Tcl option is not available in the Scripting Language page when creating a new Test Suite, then Squish was not build with proper Tcl support. Make sure you specified the path to your Tcl/Tk distribution and re-build.