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KWPublic Subversion Repository


KWPublic is a repository of code that Kitware is releasing to augment ITK (, VTK (, and other Kitware-supported libraries and applications.

The code in this repository includes libraries, utility applications, and end-user applications written or enhanced by Kitware employees. We have found these tools to be generally useful and believe that their release will benefit a broad set of users and developers.


  1. KWPublic/Applications
    • Utility applications and end-user applications
  2. Experimental
    • Code undergoing modification as part of its transition into the KWPublic repository.
  3. itkLibXML2
    • Central repository for the LibXML2 library that has been modified to compile on a larger number of platforms, using CMake
  4. KWPublic/MetaIO
    • Central repository for the MetaIO library that is redistributed with ITK and VTK
  5. VTKEdge
    • Enhancements to VTK that are distributed under special licensing terms.
  6. Maverick (MavTK)
    • Qt, ITK, and VTK combined into a toolkit for application development
  7. TubeTK
    • Software for the extraction and analysis of representations of tubular objects in medical images.


Each tool in this repository is distributed under its own license. Some tools, for example, may require the purchase of a license from Kitware for use in commercial efforts. Other tools are free for non-commercial and commercial use. Please read and abide by the license for the code you use from this repository. If you have any questions, contact the code's author (if given) or send an email with your question to

The default license (if none other is specified) for all code in this repository is Version 3 of the GNU General Public License. For more information, refer to


The repository is available via subversion: