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The future developement of ITK relies heavily on feedback from the community of users and developers as well as guidelines from the clinical and medical research community.

This page is intended to gather feedback regarding the future direction of ITK and in particular to list specific features and functionalities that would make the toolkit more useful for the medical imaging community.

Users/Developers Support

This section relates to the services that will help beginners to start with ITK as well as material that will help experienced users to take better advantage of the functionalities available in the Insight toolkit.

  • Tutorials
  • Mailing List Support
  • Bug Tracking / Triage / Fixing
  • Weekly conferences

Suggested Items

Updating 3rd Party Libraries

It will be desirable to update the versions of the current libraries. There are several reasons for this. First, many of the 3rd party libraries are often updated to fix security vulnerabilities; without these fixes applied, ITK is vulnerable to publicized bugs. Second, the newer versions of libraries have generally better support for 64 bit, which has only recently become mainstream.


  • This is bug 5469.
  • Current version is vulnerable to published security vulnerabilities.
  • What version to use ? 3.8.2 is the latest stable version, and is the version used by VTK.
  • Volunteers ?
  • Compilers supported ?





  • This is bug 5470.
  • Current version is vulnerable to published security vulnerabilities.