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Software Guide Update

This page is intended to coordinate the effort of updating the ITK Software Guide

Revision of Existing Content

  • Statistics Chapter must be revised to match the new framework
  • IO Chapter
    • should list new ImageIO classes
    • Streaming must be described : how to use it.
  • Describe how memory management works -- Most people want to use a minimal amount of memory, but by default, and following the examples uses tremendously more memory.
  • Describe the pipeline behavior with more pictures
  • The software guide should use its "soap box" more effectively in promoting best practices.
  • A chapter on how to write the "Hello Gaussian Smoothing World" program, including timing, memory probes, and testing should be written.

Addition of New Content

The following chapters will be added to the ITK Software Guide


  • New FEM framework

Refactored Image Registration

  • New capabilities
  • Improving users experience


  • How to use modules
  • Selecting modules
  • Managing dependencies
  • Creating a new module
  • Searching for the module that contains a given class

Level Sets

  • Generalized Level Sets


  • GDCM 2.0
  • Private Tags
  • MR Protocol (GE, Siemens)
  • DICOM Query / Retrieve

Simple ITK

  • Should Simply ITK have its own book, customized to a different audience ?


  • Basic GPU computing tutorial
  • GPU image class
  • GPU process object
  • GPU image operators
  • How to write GPU itk filter