ITK/Release 4/Modularization/Transition Plan

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This page describes the plan for transforming the current Monolithic ITK repository into a Modularized one.

Major Dates

  • The target date for transforming the repository is Friday March 4th 2011
  • The repository should be reopen for normal activity by Tuesday March 8th 2011

Git Repository Conversion


  • The transition will happen in the same Git repository that we currently use.
  • The transition will happen as a big commit that will mostly move files around to new directories
  • Pending Gerrit patches should (for the most part) find their way into the corresponding files after the conversion
    • Except for changes to CMakeLists.txt files, since most of them will be replaced with new ones

Advice to Develoepers

  • Developers who have pending changes in local repositories are strongly encouraged to
    • Commit them to local branches
    • Push those to Gerrit (under the tag "WIP" (Work in Progress))
  • The Gerrit patches should be mergeable after the conversion, and the Kitware team will be available to help merge them for you.

Detailed Plan

Date Major Event What will be done Who will do it
February 21st Monday Modular Repository build will be Green All Compilation Problems solved Xiaoxiao Liu
February 23st Wednesday Modular Repository regression tests will be added All regression tests will be enabled Xiaoxiao Liu
February 25st Friday Modular Repository tests will be green All tests will be passing Luis Ibanez
March 1st Tuesday Freezing Git Repository Write Access will be disabled Brad King
March 4th Friday Full Conversion A single large Git commit that will move all the files to their final destination Brad King
March 8th Tuesday Reopen Git Write Access will be open again to main Repository Brad King