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  • Run the scripts of modularization:

The scripts are located in the monolithic/current ITK repository:<ITK_SOURCE_DIR>/Modularization. The "Manifest.txt" in this directory contains the list of the source codes that are moved from monolithic ITK to modularized ITK.

Run the script with the input parameter of the output directory name of the modularized ITK:

 cd  <ITK_SOURCE_DIR>/Modularization
 ./  <HeadOfModuarITKTree>

The script will first download the supporting modules and cmake packaging files from the modularITKSupport repository to <HeadOfModuarITKTree>, and then copy source files from the monolithic ITK to <HeadOfModuarITKTree> according to the manifest file (Manifest.txt). After running the scripts, <HeadOfModuarITKTree> contains the modularized ITK.

  • Configure and build modular ITK.
 cd   <path to bin>/bin/modularITK
 ccmake   <HeadOfModuarITKTree>  (choose to build certain modules by turning their BUILD options ON)

Altogether there are about 90 modules in total (not including examples and reviews). Currently itk-common's tests are up and running on the Dashboard on several different platforms:

As we add more tests to modules we will turn those modules on for the dashboard.