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We propose a Transition Plan that includes the following six phases

  • Phase I: Sequestering Reference Applications
  • Phase-II: Basic Clean Up
  • Phase-III: Update CMake Flags

Phase-I: Sequestering Reference Applications

Fork, Freeze and Sequester Reference ITK-Exercising Code

  • ITK Testing directory
  • ITK Examples directory
  • Insight Applications
  • Slicer3 clone
  • ITK-SNAP Clone
  • Brains clone

Configure them all to submit Nightly builds to the TKv4 External Builds section of the ITK Dashboard.

This will be the reference for Backward Compatibility.

From now on, classes that break these tests, must provide Migration Form (**) before they make it into Master.

Phase-II: Basic Clean Up

  • Release ITK 3.20: July 15
  • Fork ITK 3.20 into a Git repository
  • Remove work-arounds for lack of partial specialization
  • Remove conditional code related to deprecated compilers
    • VS6, VS7, BCC 5.5, Sun CC, IRIX
  • Remove over-sized image data files from
    • Testing/Data/Input and Examples/Data
      • (any image larger than 100K)
      • This is done to avoid the large size of a Git repository with history.
      • or remove them All (?) and move them to a downloadable module ?

Phase-III: Update CMake Flags

  • Update CMake requirement to 2.8.2
  • Move CMake Flags defaults forward:
    • Consolidated Morphology ON