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* '''master''': Development (default)
* '''master''': Development (default)
* '''release''': Maintenance of latest release
* '''release''': Maintenance of latest release
* '''release-3.20''': Maintenance of the ITKv3 series
* '''nightly-master''': Follows '''master''', updated at 01:00 UTC
* '''nightly-master''': Follows '''master''', updated at 01:00 UTC
* '''hooks''': Local commit hooks ([[Git/Hooks#Local|place]] in .git/hooks)
* '''hooks''': Local commit hooks ([[Git/Hooks#Local|place]] in .git/hooks)

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ITK version tracking and development is hosted by Git. Please select a task for further instructions:

Main Tasks:

  • Install Git - Git 1.6.6 or greater is preferred (required for development)

Other Tasks:

The remainder of this page provides reference information and links. It is not intended to provide instructions.


One may browse the repositories online using the Gitweb interface at http://itk.org/gitweb.

Repository Purpose Access URL
ITK.git Insight Toolkit clone (git) git://itk.org/ITK.git
clone (http) http://itk.org/ITK.git
push (ssh) git@itk.org:ITK.git
stage/ITK.git ITK Topic Stage clone (git) git://itk.org/stage/ITK.git
clone (http) http://itk.org/stage/ITK.git
push (ssh) git@itk.org:stage/ITK.git
ITKApps.git Insight Applications clone (git) git://itk.org/ITKApps.git
clone (http) http://itk.org/ITKApps.git
push (ssh) git@itk.org:ITKApps.git
ITKData.git ITK Testing/Data Submodule clone (git) git://itk.org/ITKData.git
clone (http) http://itk.org/ITKData.git
push (ssh) git@itk.org:ITKData.git


At the time of this writing the ITK.git repository has the following branches:

  • master: Development (default)
  • release: Maintenance of latest release
  • release-3.20: Maintenance of the ITKv3 series
  • nightly-master: Follows master, updated at 01:00 UTC
  • hooks: Local commit hooks (place in .git/hooks)
  • dashboard: Dashboard script (setup a CDash client)

Release branches converted from CVS have been artificially merged into master. Actual releases have tags named by the release version number.