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Copyright Transfer Status Page

This page summarizes the Status of Copyright Transfer letters associated to code that is under consideration for inclusion in the Insight Toolkit.

In most cases this code is contributed as part of submissions to the Insight Journal.

The process of transferring copyright is tracked here through three stages:

  • The ISC request an author to transfer the copyright of a specific group of files
  • The author informally aggrees verbally or by email to transfer the copyright
  • The copyright transfer aggreement is received by the ISC

An entry of a pair: (author,code) should go from one stage to the other, as the process progresses.

When possible, we should have date associated with the entries.

Copyright Transfer Requested by the ISC

The Insight Software Consortium (ISC) has requested to the authors listed here to consider transfering the copyright of their code to the ISC.

Copyright Transfer Agreed by Authors

The authors listed here have verbally or by email aggreed to transfer the copyright of their code to the ISC. Their copyright transfer aggreements are in the process of being sent, or are already in the mail.

  • Alex Gouillard : itkQMesh

Copyright Transfer Received by the ISC

This list states the authors and code items for which the ISC has received copyright transfer aggreements.

  • Hans Johnson : Octree classes
  • Su Yong : 'How to Use ITK and MFC' source code (received 2/1/2007)
  • Gaetan Lehmann : MorphologicalGradientImageFilter (received 2/7/2007)
  • Gaetan Lehmann : Morphological Reconstruction Filters (received 2/7/2007)
  • Gaetan Lehmann : ModulusImageFilter (received 2/8/2007)
  • Gaetan Lehmann : InvertIntensityImageFilter (received 2/8/2007)
  • Gaetan Lehmann : WrapITK (received 2/14/2007)

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