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To build ITK using MinGW on Windows 7, follow these instructions.

Download from here:

or if there is a later version from the time that this page was written, download it from here:

You MUST add mingw to your path (Add "c:/MinGW/bin" to the "Path" variable here: Right click my computer -> Properties -> Advanced System Settings -> Advanced -> Environment variables)

  • Launch the CMake GUI (from the normal shortcut in the Start Menu)
  • Next to "Where is the source code:", click "Browse Source..." and navigate to where you cloned the repository with Git.
  • Next to "Where to build the binaries:", select "Browse Build..." and select a place to build the ITK library. For example, you could use c:\build\ITK. This directory MUST NOT be inside the directory where you cloned the repository.
  • Click "Configure", and then specify "MinGW" as the generator for this project.
  • Choose your build options. I like to UNCHECK BUILD_EXAMPLES and BUILD_TESTING as they speed up the build process significantly.
  • Click "Generate".
  • Navigate to the Build directory you specified through CMake