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Visit the main Git download site.

Can you think of a single roeasn the PowerShell installer would be dangerous? I think you're more likely to suffer a completely random hard drive failure as have it screw up something. Yet Windows doesn't remind you to backup on a day to day basis. It reminds you when you're installing PowerShell.The bottom line is tat fear mongering like this is counterproductive. Does anyone really see that warning, stop and say Oh, I should back up my system every week! ? No, of course not. Yet installers like this helped lead Windows to have a reputation as the ghetto platform of computing. Maybe it's deserved, maybe it isn't, but removing excessive warnings like this would certainly help.


Xcode 4

If you have Xcode 4 installed, you already have git installed.

Verify with:

$ which git
$ git --version
git version

OS X Installer

Download an installer from here.


Enter these commands:

$ sudo port selfupdate
$ sudo port install git-core +doc


Popular Linux distributions already come with packages for Git. Typically the packages are called:

  • git-core: Git command-line tool
  • git-doc: Git documentation
  • gitk: Graphical history browser