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This macro recursively collects the files from a project directory and caches the list for future use. Tailor the extensions that are included in the list according to your needs.
This page has moved [https://gitlab.kitware.com/cmake/community/wikis/contrib/macros/GatherProjectFiles here].
# add extra sources to the defined project
MACRO ( GatherProjectFiles ProjectName ProjectDir ProjectSources )
  #look for the cache file
  SET ( FoundCacheFile "FoundCacheFile-NOTFOUND" )
  IF ( FoundCacheFile )
    # read cached file list
    MESSAGE ( STATUS "    Found cache file ${FoundCacheFile}" )
    INCLUDE ( ${CMAKE_CURRENT_BINARY_DIR}/${ProjectName}Sources.cmake )
  ELSE ( FoundCacheFile )
    # get the file lists
    SET ( Dir ${CMAKE_HOME_DIRECTORY}/${ProjectDir} )
    # add your other extensions here (this could be probably done nicer)
    FILE ( GLOB_RECURSE DirSources ${Dir}/*.c ${Dir}/*.cpp ${Dir}/*.h ${Dir}/*.inl ${Dir}/*.rc ${Dir}/*.ico )
    # write cached file list
    MESSAGE ( STATUS "    Generating ${ProjectName}Sources.cmake" )
    STRING ( CONFIGURE "@DirSources@" TempString @ONLY )
    STRING ( REPLACE ";" " " "DirSourcesAsString" "${TempString}" )
    CONFIGURE_FILE ( ${CMAKE_HOME_DIRECTORY}/CMake/SourceFilesTemplate.cmake.in ${CMAKE_CURRENT_BINARY_DIR}/${ProjectName}Sources.cmake @ONLY )
  ENDIF ( FoundCacheFile )
  SET ( "${ProjectSources}" ${DirSources} )
ENDMACRO ( GatherProjectFiles )
The template file (located in ''CMAKE_HOME_DIRECTORY\CMake\SourceFilesTemplate.cmake.in'') looks like this:
# Cache source files
# All sources
SET ( DirSources @DirSourcesAsString@ )
A typical use for this macro would be:
GatherProjectFiles ( MyLib src/MyLib MyLibSources )
ADD_LIBRARY (MyLib SHARED ${MyLibSources} )

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