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Desktop suites and development platforms

  • KDE4 - the next version of the powerful Open Source desktop, application suite and development platform will be built using CMake, which together with Qt4 will make it possible to run KDE4 not only on Linux/UNIX, but also Mac OS X and Windows.






  • ASPEED Software
    ASPEED's products include the ACCELLERANT SDK for parallelizing applications for grids or clusters. ASPEED provides APIs for easily improving application performance, with bindings in FORTRAN, C, C++, Java and C#. ACCELLERANT also provides an Application Manager for quickly parallelizing batch jobs from the command line; and Workload Balancer for simple resource management. ACCELLERANT supports Windows and Linux, as well as numerous "grid vendor" products.
"ASPEED's SDK supports a wide range of platforms and languages, and CMake fit the bill perfectly for our build and release cycle. It works for Visual Studio IDE development, and it works from the command line under either Windows (nmake) or Linux. It works for FORTRAN as well as C++. It's an enormous time-saver, allowing us to quickly develop applications for multiple platforms. This in turn has allowed us to build, test and release software more frequently, giving us a market advantage."
-Mike Dalessio, Head of Development, ASPEED Software
  • CadColon is a Computer Aided Detection (CAD) system designed to support radiologist's diagnosis of suspect polyps in the colon and rectum, using high and low dose CT.

"I started to develop on a project on Linux OS in C++ language on 3 January 2005, and I had never written from scratch any files, nor used autoconf tools seriously before. So since one of my task was to create the building process for the whole project, I had 2 choices: learn and use autoconf, or search in Internet for an alternative. The one day research ended up in, which is an easy but very powerful tool, which allowed me to achieve all I wanted to do (debug/release/profile compilations, compilation based on the developer name, easily maintainable and customizable compilation of many shared/static libraries and applications), and which has a very fast learning curve, exactly what a projet need to achieve its aim in short time."

- Luca Cappa

  • SCIRun
    A visual programming environment for modeling, simulation, and visualization, incorporating thirdparty packages such as Teem, Matlab, and the Insight Toolkit. SCIRun also includes Seg3D, a standalone executable for the segmentation of volumetric image data.



  • PLplot is a mix of a core scientific plotting library written in C, multiple computer language interfaces to that library (some of them generated using SWIG), a set of 20+ test examples written for each computer language interface, multiple plotting device driver plug-ins that are dynamically loaded by our core library, and a complete docbook-based documentation build. This build complexity is handled with ease by CMake on Linux (with good ctest results for the examples written in each computer language that we interface). We are also beginning to get encouraging build results on the Mac OS X and windows platforms.

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