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The CDash email-related settings are shown on a few different pages. This Wiki page is intended to be a good overview of where to go to adjust the email related settings for project, groups and individual users/subscribers.

See also:

Search this page (for "email") for email-related bugs that have been fixed:

On the "subscribeProject.php" page, for registered CDash users.

  • user's project role: normal/site-maintainer/project-admin
  • user's project repo credentials, per-project additional creds on top of the user's global repo creds
  • user's "Email Preference"
 ( ) no email
 ( ) my checkins
 ( ) any nightly
 ( ) any builds at all
 [ ] my checkins fixing things
 [ ] missing expected
  • user's "Email Category"
 [ ] Update
 [ ] Configure
 [ ] Warning
 [ ] Error
 [ ] Test
 [ ] Dynamic Analysis
  • user's "Email Labels"
 If you select labels here, you will receive only emails corresponding to these labels

On the "createProject.php" page, the "E-mail" tab. These settings are documented on (search the page for "email").

 [ ] Email submission failures (this means when there are config/build/test warnings or errors)
 [ ] Email redundant failures (if checked, always send email; if not, only send it on first failure)
 [ ] Email admin (when xml parsing fails, ... other?)
 [ ] Email low coverage
 [ ] Email test timing changed
 Max items in email (numerical text field)
 Max characters per item in email (numerical text field)

On the "manageBuildGroup.php" page, the "Current groups" tab:

 [ ] Summary email (sends only one email per day when the first build in the group fails)
 [ ] No email (no email for this group regardless of the user's preferences)
 [ ] In summary (should this group be included on the summary page of a subproject-aware project)

9/17/2011 in svn trunk: added "Email committers" checkbox to email people who committed/authored on a per-group basis even if they are not registered with CDash (assuming we can grok their email address from the commit info... (we can with git based projects))