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How To Enable Email Notification

CDash can send email notifications of build/test failures. Follow these steps to enable emailing.

Note: To reduce the number of notifications CDash will only send emails when the number of errors increases from the previous build. E.g.

0 errors - Clean build
3 errors - Email sent
3 errors - No warning (same number of errors as last build)
2 errors - No warning (less errors than last build)
4 errors - Email sent (more warnings than last build)

Server Configuration

Edit the .../CDash/config.php file email settings:

// Default from email

You can override the server name that is used in the hyper links that are present in the email body, you'll need to do this if 'localhost' hyper links are being generated.

// Name of the server running CDash. 
// Leave empty to use current name.

Administrator Per Project Configuration

Configure the project to enable email notifications:

  • Log in as the CDash system administrator.
  • Edit the project settings.
  • Check the desired options, you'll want at least the first one:
    • Email broken submission.
    • Email build missing.
    • Email low coverage.
    • Email test timing changed.
  • Press the "Update Project" button.

User Per Project Configuration

Configure your normal user account to receive email notifications:

  • Use the "Log in" link at the top of the main index page. Register if you don't yet have an account.
  • In the "My Projects" section click the "Edit Subscription" link.
  • Select the style of notification you require:
    • Email me when my checkins are breaking the dashboard
    • Email me when checkins are breaking nightly dashboard
    • Email me when any builds are breaking the dashboard

Debugging Tips

If you are still having problems, login as the CDash administrator, and use the "CDash Logs" link to review the logs and check out the "sendemail" entries.