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Project Management

Technical Topics

  • itk::Mesh

- point traits and itk::MeshToMeshFilter issue (different TInputMeshType and TOutputMeshType lead to crash at run time)

- what happen exactly when the filters copy cells (see itkWarpMeshFIlter for exemple: the outputmesh->SetCell( inputMesh->GetCell( ) ) )

  • QuadEdgeMesh

- Mutable priority list ready (IJ paper written)

- Decimation Ready (IJ paper written)

- Delaunay conform-ization ready (IJ paper written)

- Robust and Direct Spherical Parameterization Ready

- Normal filter Ready

The interest for surface filters was obvious at NAMIC, can we directly move the code to REVIEW ?

Bill was suggesting that we make a package "datasrtucture+filters" for the september release of ITK??

- update on simplex mesh refactoring.