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This page was based on Sebastien Barre's VTK Links: Examples page. However, it is kept more upto date, and new resources will be regularly added. Note that to understand VTK internals, you might still have to buy the VTK User's Guide (although be warned that it does not cover everything). If you find a nice tutorial/webpage that explains VTK, please add it here!

Examples, Presentations, Seminars, Talks, Tutorials

  1. There is a tutorial in the VTK distribution (in /Examples/Tutorial).
  2. Visualization Toolkit Tutorial : A very nice introduction VTK, with code for actual projects included(John Bell).
  3. Visualization examples for the The VISUALIZATION TOOLKIT, used in a VTK workshop given at the University of Groningen (RuG): Worth a look, lot's of examples.
  4. Introduction to Visualization with VTK:Powerpoint presentation, no code, very nice illustrations (T. L. Disz, Univ. of Chicago)
  5. Visualizing with VTK : A Tutorial: A tutorial given by the writers of the VTK Book (W. Schroeder, L. Avila, W. Hoffman) from October 2000
  6. Using VTK to Visualize Scientific Data (online tutorial): Nice Introduction with serious examples in Tcl (BU)
  7. VTK Tutorial: How to Create Visualization Applications with VTK: Explains basic VTK objects, code snippets are present (Dave Semeraro)
  8. Introduction to VTK: Nice exposition of basic VTK internals, but very brief (Gustav Taxen)
  9. Vizi-SAW VTK Tutorial

VTK Pipeline

  1. ParaView Visualization Course: The VTK Visualization Pipeline and ParaView: Introduction to ParaView, but includes a nice discussion of VTK pipeline (Jean M. Favre)
  2. Proposal for the New VTK Pipeline: This new pipeline is currently in use; the document from 2003 uses the term 'vtkProcessor'; just replace this by 'vtkAlgorithm' throughout
  3. New VTK Pipeline Tutorial: A more in-depth discussion of the new pipeline.

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