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This script will load files named FilePrefix_[Low].vtp, FilePrefix_[Low+1].vtp, ..., FilePrefix_[High].vtp.

For example, to load Car_1.vtp, Car_2.vtp, ..., Car_200.vtp, call LoadMultipleFiles(Car, 1, 200)

<source lang="python">

  1. !/usr/bin/pvpython

def LoadMultipleFiles(FilePrefix, Low, High): #setup paraview connection from paraview.simple import *

for i in range(Low,High+1): #load files named FilePrefix[Low].vtp, FilePrefix[Low+1].vtp, ..., FilePrefix[High].vtp reader = XMLPolyDataReader(FileName=FilePrefix + str(i) + '.vtp') Show(reader) Render() </source>

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