ITK/Release 4/Wrapping/13082010 Agenda

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Agenda 08-13-2010

  • gccxml maintenance

who does it? migration to CLang?

  • migrating to WrapITK 0.3
  • recode in C++
  • languages support
    • keep python 2
    • keep java
    • add C#
    • add Python 3?
    • remove Tcl?
  • redefine the WrapITK libraries (grouping of classes)

It seems to be tightly linked to ITK_Release_4/Modularization.

  • Default wrapped types and abbreviated naming scheme

Some choices are already made for SimpleITK

  • Wrapping coverage

100% filters coverage?

  • Binary distribution
  • ITK Image to/from target language array conversion
  • Automatic Inline documentation
  • Target language inheritance (SWIG directors)
  • Automatic type selection in Python
  • Improve 64bits support in ITK — surely done elsewhere already
  • GDCM wrapping integration?