ITK/Release 4/Refactor Numerical Libraries/Tcon 2011 08 24

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  • Inventory of Math needs for ITK
  • Need for identifying or creating specific tests that can be used for benchmarking
  • We should remove eispack from VXL
  • We should remove linpack from VXL
  • Before removing we should identify test that will be good for benchmarking before/after
    • Make sure that the tests have releavant sizes (vector size and or matrix size)
  • Need for FFT libraries


  • ITKv4 Beta Release Sept 15th
  • ITK Developers meeting Sept 27/28
    • Bethesda Maryland (NLM Site at NIH Campus)

Action Items

  • Luis identify ITK test with realistic cases for Julie and Julien.
    • Example code for point x matrix multiplications
    • List the optimizers
    • Send an example of Image registration
    • Send en example of Eigen Analysis in Diffusion Tensors
    • Send example of FEM registration that illustrates the use of non-linear solvers
    • Send example of FFTW use in images
  • Chuck
    • Replace eispack with functions from lapack
    • Replace linpack with functions from lapack
    • Replace lapack with lapacke
    • Coordinate with Julie